fredag, april 03, 2015


Is a magnificent place, but in reality not!

VECKA 14 tribute week to old, ugly or not fits in society women/short weekdays info :

Svarte Måndag = BLACK monday, (blod) Vite Tisdag = PENALTY tuesday, Ask Onsdag = ASH tuesday, Skär Torsdag = INCERNATE "pink" thursday , Långfredag = LONG time Friday , Påskafton EASTER EVE , Påskdagen = EASTER DAY och Annandag påsk= another day easter THE END OF THE EASTER HUNT CIRCULATING AROUND THE BLÅKULLA During the week, pull out the suffering, when the Easter weekend arises then is relief here.
A tribute to old women or ugly or not fits in society.

EASTER CRONES FLIES FOR EGGHUNTING and circulating round BLÅKULLA for finally ending comfortable with friends, relatives, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, their children or alone.

EASTER CRONES - the concept can contains with coffee-petter /cats/eggbox/broom/Rattan/cane or withe the whole thing - a choice.

In picture: from left my mom Monica Britt-Marie with Coffee-Petter to the right someone called Margareta at easter egg hunt. Circulating round  "BlåKulla" at the year 1954 in Odensåker, Sweden.

HV Diaries at "Blå staden - Hisings-Backa, Sweden"  at the year 1973.


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