måndag, augusti 08, 2016

No actual blog today, but only today's status of feeling :

THE GOATLORD do not want to move, but I want to because I have the dogs right now for some reason, so I want to be able to touch "reasonably free / feel like a living and not feel a sense that I am a better as a free citizen woman in Slovenia ".
So today I watch some of the areas and apartments, and location.
This may take time cause of  the dogs ... then mostly THE GOATLORD have the last word, but if I fix everything, so it may well work out.

Unhappiness outside our apartment in our living area is not good for me in case of  Environmental Health at the long run. There are very many points to be smoothly.

Right now I have started... relocation will mean to all of us for the better, so there will be no impulse thing. It should feel 100% right.

One start is  to check out what is available ...

One important piece is the economic - otherwise I think we've already been on the road. The economic part can be a little out of an obstacle, but I must start by how we live / life choice.
This is important for it to not affect our life ... but after the move just drive on.

We'll see 'bout this... how it will turn on for a better life quality!!!